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Company Ltd «DANFRUIT» is located in St. Petersburg and works in the market of fruits and vegetables for more than 15 years. The company carries out direct wholesale deliveries of fruit and vegetables, and is working with suppliers from all over the world, as well as with Russian producers.

The high professionalism of the staff, quality of products and the growth of trade turnover allows us to develop a new range of products, win new partners and strengthen cooperation with existing manufacturers and suppliers.

The company Ltd «Dan Star» and Ltd «Dan Trade» are subsidiaries of DANFRIUT, doing responsible for business relations with federal trade and retail chains.


DANFRUIT strictly adheres to the rules of storage and transportation of products. It ensures maximum long-term preservation of freshness, appeal and taste of the goods. Over the past 15, the company has built a reliable long-term partnership with transport companies, which provide us anytime with required logistic solutions, and are ready to deliver the goods quickly to any destination within the Russian Federation.
In Saint- Petersburg the company cooperates with the following commercial and retail chains: Semya, Semishagoff, Polyshka, Azbuka Vkusa, Lime, Real, SPAR, Sopot, Kesko.


DANFRUIT is choosing their suppliers very carefully, working only with reliable manufacturers of quality products and world leaders in their respective industries.
We provide direct wholesale supply and cooperate with suppliers of vegetables, fruits, herbs and salads from different countries: South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, China, Ecuador, India, Serbia, Costa Rica, Turkey, Pakistan and others. We also work very closely with domestic farmers and producers from Russian Federation.


The company's terminal is located in St. Petersburg. As a port city, St. Petersburg has the most advantageous infrastructural and logistic position for fruit and vegetables. Warehouses of the Moscow branch of the company, are on Agrocluster "Food City". Warehouse Company has spacious rooms equipped with modern refrigeration chambers, that enable fruits and vegetables to preserve its perfectly fresh look, and does not let it lose its taste and valuable properties.

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